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Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back

We are proudly supporting our local communities as well as being deeply committed to our environmental, social and economic responsibilities.

Stronger Together

Our relationship with Sustainability Ambassador, Tim Jarvis AM, provides Steadfast with an opportunity to contribute on climate change and the transition to a lower-carbon economy.

- Steadfast Sustainability Ambassador: Tim Jarvis AM.
- Energy efficiency
- Carbon offsetting.

At Steadfast, we see strength in diversity and believe that it’s our individual differences that make our business great. Not only do we promote a diverse and inclusive workplace, but we are proud to sponsor and champion initiatives which celebrate diversity and inclusion.

In 2018 the Steadfast NZ Foundation was created and will support a range of charities with grants and donations. Already we are proudly supporting the Bowel & Liver Trust, Daltons Gym Charitable Trust (School Lunches), StarJam Charitable Trust and Home of Hope & Kidney Health, Cerebal Palsy Society, Wingspan Birds of Prey, Achieve 2B Trust.

These charities are doing amazing work in communities around New Zealand with disability services, research as well as helping children, women, the sick, homeless and disadvantaged.

Becoming a Steadfast NZ Foundation beneficiary

If you are a charity and would like to be considered for grants or donations from the Steadfast NZ Foundation, you will need to submit an application form which will be evaluated by the Steadfast NZ Foundation Board. The Board members will review your request and evaluate its merit with regards to: Ongoing strategy, Partnerships, Sustainability, Commitment to excellence, and Leverage potential.

The Steadfast NZ Foundation provides brokers and staff with the opportunity to support the causes closest to their hearts with grants and fundraising initiatives. If you have a charity or cause that you would like to put forward to the Steadfast NZ Foundation Board, please email



of Steadfast NZ Ltd Professional Services Fee is donated to to charitable causes each year.


distributed to community charities by the Steadfast NZ Foundation since inception. 

If you have a charity or cause that you would like to put forward to the Steadfast Foundation Board, please email



At Steadfast, we are committed to operating in a financially responsible manner and ensuring our ongoing economic sustainability. We have policies and procedures to identify and manage risks as well as a mission and vision, centred around creating wealth and value.

These are designed to ensure our future growth and prosperity as well as support that of our customers, suppliers, creditors, consumers, governments and local communities in a world where business, technology and economies are constantly evolving. The Board and the Senior Management Team consider longer term trends which may affect the business in their strategic planning and risk management such as continuing advancements in information technology, increased competition as well as market and regulatory changes. 



Tim Jarvis AM – Steadfast’s sustainability ambassador.

Tim Jarvis AM is a polar explorer, environmental scientist, author, public speaker and film maker. Tim holds Masters degrees in environmental science and environmental law and was conferred a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for services to the environment, community and exploration in the 2010 Australian honours list. In 2013, Tim successfully recreated Sir Ernest Shackleton's epic crossing of the Southern Ocean and was voted Conservationist of the Year in 2016 by the Australian Geographic Society.

Using his extensive knowledge and experience, Tim provides Steadfast businesses with regular commentary on the current state and future outlook of environmental sustainability, particularly in relation to the impact of current events. He provides an objective analysis and broad perspective on environmental issues and offers pragmatic insight to progress thinking in this area.


Social Values

Building a culture that supports and enables us to achieve our purpose, vision and strategy in an ethical and responsible manner is a strategic priority for Steadfast. We prioritise what matters to our brokers and strive to deliver an outstanding broker service to enable Steadfast Network brokers to thrive.


and inclusion

Steadfast is committed to increasing and supporting diversity. This flows naturally from our values and is an important part of our culture.

Steadfast believes that we perform better as a business with diverse people and an inclusive culture. It helps us attract, retain and motivate the best people. We are proud of our considerable gender, ethnic and age diversity and are committed to inclusion at all levels regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, ethnicity, religious beliefs, cultural background or socio-economic background.

We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or vilification and staff undergo training to support our commitment to inclusion.



The Steadfast convention is the largest insurance industry convention in Australia. A key focus of Convention presentation is the importance of always working in the best interest of customers and adhering to best practice standards.


Industry Engagement
and leadership

Several of our senior executives hold leadership role within the industry such as serving on the board of industry bodies. Our executives contribute by speaking an industry events and judging industry awards. Our executives are recognised throughout the industry and receive accolades for their leadership and contribution.