Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back

We are proudly supporting our local communities as well as being deeply committed to our environmental, social and economic responsibilities.

Stronger Together

Our growth and success is a reflection of the relationships and trust we have cultivated and the strength of the brand we have built. As well as nurturing the success of our broker network, our agencies and our business partners, we are also invested in playing our part in supporting the wellbeing of our local communities and the environment in which we live.

At Steadfast, we see strength in diversity and believe that it’s our individual differences that make our business great. Not only do we promote a diverse and inclusive workplace, but we are proud to sponsor and champion initiatives which celebrate diversity and inclusion.

In 2018 the Steadfast NZ Foundation was created and will support a range of charities with grants and donations. Already we are proudly supporting the Bowel & Liver Trust, Daltons Gym Charitable Trust (School Lunches), StarJam Charitable Trust and Home of Hope & Kidney Health. 

These charities are doing amazing work in communities around New Zealand with disability services, research as well as helping children, women, the sick, homeless and disadvantaged.

Becoming a Steadfast NZ Foundation beneficiary

If you are a charity and would like to be considered for grants or donations from the Steadfast NZ Foundation, you will need to submit an application form which will be evaluated by the Steadfast NZ Foundation Board. The Board members will review your request and evaluate its merit with regards to: Ongoing strategy, Partnerships, Sustainability, Commitment to excellence, and Leverage potential.

The Steadfast NZ Foundation provides brokers and staff with the opportunity to support the causes closest to their hearts with grants and fundraising initiatives. If you have a charity or cause that you would like to put forward to the Steadfast NZ Foundation Board, please email



of Steadfast NZ Ltd Professional Services Fee is donated to to charitable causes each year


raised by the Steadfast NZ Foundation since inception

If you have a charity or cause that you would like to put forward to the Steadfast Foundation Board, please email



At Steadfast, we are committed to operating in a financially responsible manner and ensuring our ongoing economic sustainability. We have policies and procedures to identify and manage risks as well as a mission and vision, centred around creating wealth and value.

These are designed to ensure our future growth and prosperity as well as support that of our customers, suppliers, creditors, consumers, governments and local communities in a world where business, technology and economies are constantly evolving. The Board and the Senior Management Team consider longer term trends which may affect the business in their strategic planning and risk management such as continuing advancements in information technology, increased competition as well as market and regulatory changes.  



Steadfast takes its responsibility seriously in ensuring the sustainability of our environment for future generations to come. Across our business we are reducing our environmental impact with recycling facilities and reducing the use of paper and other consumables as well as actively promoting environmental sustainability.

Our sustainability ambassador, Tim Jarvis AM, is sponsored by Steadfast to raise awareness about issues facing environmental sustainability. Tim is an environmental scientist, polar explorer, speaker, author and filmmaker. With the support of Steadfast, Tim is working on practical solutions that promote a roadmap for change on environmental issues including climate change, reducing carbon footprint and embedding awareness of environmental issues into decision making.