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Business Insurance

Corporate Travel Insurance

Corporate Travel Insurance

Protecting your business and staff when travel doesn’t go to plan

Travel cover for financial losses caused by overseas health emergencies, flight cancellations or lost and stolen baggage.

What do you need to know?

  • Who should consider it?

    Anyone who travels regularly for work should consider corporate travel cover. This includes business owners and directors as well as employees.

  • What can it cover?

    Corporate travel insurance policies offer cost-effective annual policies that can cover executives and employees, with some policies also covering spouses and other dependants travelling with them.

    Policies vary, but may include:

    • Overseas medical and evacuation cost
    • Life and disablement cover
    • Lost luggage and personal effects
    • Flight cancellations and missed connections
    • Rental car excess
    • Loss of deposits
    • Personal liability
    • Cost of replacing an employee

  • What isn't covered

    There are exclusions. There is also often a deductible or excess and limits on cover, so check with your Steadfast insurance broker.

Find a Steadfast Broker

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Case Study

Take the worry out of staff travel

One slip can cost a lot

Jacqui was visiting some clients in London, when she slipped down a flight of stairs and fractured her hip and arm. In the hospital, she was informed that she would need surgery on her hip, and physiotherapy, before she would be allowed to fly home to Australia.

Jacqui’s flight was booked for the next day, she had to cancel the flight and stay longer for her treatment.

Fortunately, her employer was able to claim the costs of surgery and rehabilitation and additional accommodation while Jacqui underwent surgery, on the company’s corporate travel cover. The policy also covered the cost of cancelling her flight and even allowed her employer to hire a temp to take on Jacqui’s duties while she recovered.